Hitchcock Lake Improvement Association

Non-Motorized Boats Registration


Dear Hitchcock Lake Resident,

Please join the HLIA as you get ready to enjoy another summer on the Lake.
2018 Dues and Membership information will be mailed to all residents the first week of April. Again last year, Lakefront membership fell below 60%.  The Annual Dues are used primarily to maintain the health of the Lake through weed treatments, to pay Insurance premiums to protect everyone’s interests, and maintain the dam and valves. The HLIA is anticipating dam/valve repair expenses this year along with other increases in expenses. The HLIA did not collect enough last year in dues to cover expenses. Owners of Lakefront homes or land, and Off Lake homeowners with deeded rights, are asked to join.
2018 Dues are to be determined.
The HLIA Board truly appreciates the support of those residents that pay their membership dues year after year. Thank you!
Please share your email address with us so we can keep you informed of meeting dates, social events and other informational messages. Your email will not be shared. Visit our web-site at www.hitchcocklake.com

Also available are free HLIA stickers for non-motorized boats including: canoes, kayaks, paddle boats, row boats, or floating docks, etc. These can be registered with the HLIA for identification in the event they float away. Include your request for a non-motorized boat sticker along with type, color, brand name (if applicable) when submitting your dues.

WLCT Rules and Regulations for Hitchcock Lake. Please read them carefully whether you own a boat or not. There are other rules and regulations that do not pertain to boating.

In order to put your internal combustion and/or electric* (as of 2013) power boat,or personal water craft in the water, membership and registration is required.  Please see the information attached, complete the membership form, and sign the acceptance of the rules and regulations. Again, the HLIA appreciates your support, and we look forward to seeing you on Hitchcock Lake! 

HLIA,  PO BOX 6224, Wolcott, CT 06716

2018 Membership Appeal