Hitchcock Lake Improvement Association

Annual Meeting

January 25, 2021

​Information has been sent to members.

HLIA Meetings will resume in-person when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted

Regular HLIA Meetings are the last Monday of each month.
Wolcott Firehouse #1, 395 Central Ave. Upstairs meeting room.

 ***Note--Parking is only allowed along the side of the Firehouse and on the grass. Absolutely NO PARKING on the pavement in front of the firehouse or at the rear of the firehouse, or on the street. This could impede emergency response.

Meeting Schedule and Record of Minutes


Hitchcock Lake Improvement Association
Structure for Holding Meetings
And Disseminating Minutes

We encourage all members to attend our meetings,

voice your opinions and get involved. It is only by letting the HLIA know your concerns that we can address them.

The HLIA Board is made up of your neighbors acting in the best interest of all the residents in our community.

At the HLIA board meeting held on September 29, 2008, the board unanimously passed the motion that “the HLIA have one meeting, open to the membership, with voting done by the Board at that meeting.”

Based on the current HLIA bylaws, the only stipulation regarding meetings are that general meetings are held at least once a quarter and board meetings are held at least once a quarter. In addition, seven officers and directors constitute a quorum for board meetings.

At the HLIA board meeting held on October 27, 2008, the following recommendations were made by Judy Cowan and approved. They will be implemented as of February 2009.

-     Announce the change of meeting structure, as approved by the board, via e-mail, website and newsletter.

-     President will e-mail and post the agenda on the website prior to the meeting. Anyone who wants to add an agenda item will contact the president prior to the meeting. (The board can come up with a cutoff date and method of communication.)

-     At the meeting, president will announce/read agenda items and ask if there is anything to add from the floor. (Only if the board has agreed to allow this.)

-     Members can participate in all discussions. A time limit of two minutes per person. When there is a motion on the floor, only the board can vote on it.

-     If the item up for discussion is of a sensitive nature or confidential, the board reserves the right to take the item to Executive Session. This determination will be made prior to the meeting Voting on the motion will take place in Executive Session.

-     All minutes will be sent to the board for review. All corrections will be sent to the secretary within three days of receipt. Minutes will then be posted on the website.

-     All members will be sent an e-mail with a link to the minutes on the website.

2021 HLIA Meeting Schedule
Feb 22May 24*Aug 30Nov 29
March 29June 28*Sept 27
April 26July 26Oct 25

HLIA meetings are held the last Monday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Wolcott Firehouse #1; 395 Central Ave.

*April is Open House; May is 3rd Monday. 
No parking on the street, or in the front or back parking lots. Emergency vehicle access cannot be blocked. Park on GRASS or up against the side of the building ONLY.