Hitchcock Lake Improvement Association


It is against the WLCT Rules & Regs governing Hitchcock Lake & DEEP State Statutes to dump foreign substances into the lake or catch basins that drain to the lake. These foreign substances may include:  oil, gas and other fluids used in the maintenance of your car or boat; lawn fertilizers and other lawn maintenance chemicals; car/boat wash products; paint and other painting supplies; lawn debris (grass clippings, sticks, weeds); among others. This can raise the nitrogen and phosphorus levels which allow aquatic plant life and algae to flourish. This in turn increases the need for chemical weed and algae treatments which are very costly for the HLIA. Please be mindful of your actions and those of any contractors working on your property. Please properly dispose of items that do not belong in the lake. 

What You Can Do to Prevent Weeds?

1.Eliminate lawn fertilizer use, or use only natural products. Nitrogen and phosphorus in fertilizers promote weed growth.
2.Wash vehicles at a car wash. Driveway washing allows detergents and road salt to enter storm basins that drain into the lake.
3.Keep leaves, grass clippings, animal droppings and other yard waste out of the lake.
4.Rake washed-up weeds out of the lake, drain them, and bag them for trash pick-up. 


By working together, we can help protect our valuable lake resource!

We truly need the financial support of all lakefront residents and those with deeded rights.

Our yearly dues are extremely reasonable, and go primarily to weed treatment.

We are grateful to those who make additional donations to the Renew the Lake fund.”

​                      ~Kathy Mrazik

​                       HLIA President